ILPEA Sp. z o.o. offers a wide selection of interesting areas of employment or internship for appropriately qualified personnel.  Because of that, you can stay with our company for extended periods of time or gain the experience necessary to develop your future career.

  • servicing industrial machinery and equipment
  • quality control
  • auxiliary and maintenance positions
  • maintenance
  • servicing forklifts
  • unique positions for specialists
  • quality management
  • laboratories
  • metrology
  • standardisation of machinery and equipment operating times
  • Human resources department
  • Financial department (accounting)
  • Customer service
  • Occupational health and safety department
  • Purchasing department
  • Production planning departments

Acting in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility, ILPEA has entered into cooperation with local schools and universities in Lower Silesia for organising internships and traineeships.

For the duration of internship, trainees and apprentices are acquainted with the company’s activities, organisational culture and increase their experience in a given area.

School and university students may take up internships and traineeships in the following areas:

  • economics
  • logistics
  • maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • other