In 2003, ILPEA Sp. z o.o. took over the production facilities previously owned by BOSCH and launched its own production of components for producers of household appliances. In December 2003, ILPEA sp. z o.o. employed over one hundred people in its production plant in Chełstówek. The years that followed brought about a significant increase in employment levels as well as commencing production of automotive components in the manufacturing facility situated in Twaordogóra (former plants of Wytwórnia Hydrauliki Motoryzacyjnej and Fiat Auto Poland). In 2016, the production hall in Chełstowek was reconstructed following a catastrophic fire. Additionally, a new production hall was established, located in the Special Economic Zone in Wałbrzych.

Currently, the manufacturing plants which belong to ILPEA Sp. z o.o. are located in Twardogóra at ul. Wojska Polskiego and in Chełstowek, approximately 1.5 km away. These plants specialise in manufacturing components to be used for producing household appliances and as well as parts used by the automotive industry.